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The UV Scan 360 offers you the fastest avenue to build a tan while delivering the most innovative features. The UV Scan 360 is designed for those on the go because it delivers a beautiful bronze tan in just 10 minutes. This bed features 74 high-pressure lamps that rotate during your tanning session for a complete 360 degree tan.

Our most powerful bed for the fastest, deepest, longest lasting tan without burning! The Solarix high pressure tanning bed gives twice the tan in only 12 minutes. It is a 360 degree high pressure bed that surrounds you with 33-800 watt high pressure tanning lamps and two of the banks rotate the lamps from side to side to ensure a very even tan

The Royal Sun Turbo 32/2 offers more of the UVA bronzing ray which means a base tan is achieved much quicker and will last longer. The bed has 32 160watt reflector lamps in addition to 2 High Pressure facial lamps.

A standing High-Pressure tanning unit literally tans the body from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way. This bed places you at the center of the 360 degree tanning intensity, so you are evenly exposed to all-over tanning power, with no pressure points.